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Come to see “Birthstones” at the Buffalo Geological Society’s 54th Annual Gem, Mineral and Fossil Show on March 16-17, 2024, at the Erie County Fairgrounds in the Grange, Market and New York State Police Buildings in Hamburg, NY, on Saturday 9 am-6 pm and Sunday 10 am-5 pm.

Also showing NYS Parks & Recreation, Reinstein Woods Nature Center, Buffalo Association of Professional Geologists, Paleontological Research Institute, and SUNY Fredonia Geology Department.

(For members attending the March Show, membership renewals and reservations to the banquet can be made there. They should go to the club table for more information)


What to Expect

This annual show provides an instant museum of Buffalo Geological Society Members’ fossils,
minerals, and jewelry
; demonstrators; the famous Mini-Mine for young collectors; the new mining operation for children and adults; mineral and fossil identification; and a variety of non-profit exhibitors. A Fluorescent mineral exhibit will be available.


This highly educational family event affords attendees the opportunity to interact with demonstrators who work with minerals and gems. Demonstrators include fossil preparation, jewelry designers, and other lapidary artists. Sandy Cline, international renowned soapstone carver from
Burleigh Falls, Ontario, Canada, will be demonstrating his art of carving wildlife forms from soapstone
and will have several for sale.In addition, over 33 dealers selling gems, beads, minerals, fossils, and jewelry, selling their items from around the world. A food vendor and hourly door prizes will be available.

Fluorescent Minerals of Northern New York will be presented by Dino Zack, P.G., Senior
Geologist/Project Manager, AECOM Technical Services, Inc. at Saturday, March 16 & Sunday 17, 2024
from 11:00 AM to 11:30 AM in the New York State Police Building. No preregistrations are required.

Sieving for Treasures

Mine for Minerals

Young scientists can visit the “Mini-Mine” that offers them the chance to search for mineral specimens in a simulated mine setting. The mining operation is for young miners (under 100 years of age) who can search for minerals and fossils in a bag of sand that they wash. All who attend can experience hands-on fun and learn something new about the geological sciences.


Professional Geologists will be available to discuss what geologists do and what types of jobs are present in the area for geologists. Boy and Girl Scouts will be able to earn badge requirements during the show. The Geology Department from SUNY Fredonia will have a stream table demonstrating how rivers behave when water flows change

Sieving for Treasures


Last year’s show drew over 5,587 children and adults. Families come from all over Western and Central New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Canada to take part in this event. This is a perfect family field trip to learn more about the geological sciences. Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, students, teachers, the public, and rock hounds are welcome.


Tickets for adults are $7 each, scouts in uniform and children under 12 are FREE. A 2-day admission for $10 each is also available. Door prizes are drawn hourly. FREE parking. Wheelchair and stroller accessible.

For those bringing in their reminder card/grand prize drawing ticket, we have a new database and need everyone to re-sign up for the cards even if you have been getting them for the past 5 years.


For any additional information or questions, please contact Jerry Bastedo, Show Chairman, at

NYS Police Building
Dino Zack
Saturday, March 16 & Sunday 17, 2024 from 11:00 AM to 11:30 AM

Fluorescent Minerals of Northern New York

Presented by Dino Zack, P.G., Senior Geologist/Project Manager, AECOM Technical Services, Inc.

Approximately 5,955 different mineral species have been identified by the International Mineralogical Association as of July 2023.  Over 500 of them are known to fluoresce visibly in some specimens.  Dino Zack will discuss the various types of luminescence with a detailed explanation of mineral fluorescence as well as touch on the various ultraviolet lights and associated safety while using them.  Fluorescent rock and mineral specimens from Northern New York State, as well as world-renowned locations, will be on display and used to demonstrate the many types of luminescence including fluorescence, phosphorescence, triboluminescence, thermoluminescence, and tenebrescence. Whether you are a novice, an expert, or just curious about fluorescent minerals, you will find this presentation very enlightening!

Photos by Paul Leuchner

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