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June 2023 Auction

June 24, 2023: Viewing begins at 12pm, Auction begins at 1pm at the Masonic Lodge at 641 Sweet Home Rd, Amherst, NY

This is the collection of a serviceman who served in WWII and Korea and was stationed all over the world after his time in Korea. Many specimens are from his time in South Africa. He lived the majority of his life in the Spokane, WA area but was also located on the US East Coast. Almost all were purchased in the 1960's. Some specimens have old labels from the Smithsonian. Many are not labeled and we have done our best to estimate locations. The photos represent a small portion of the collection. Almost all specimens are small cabinet size with a few being large cabinet size. There are no micros. There is a fair amount of lapidary material such as agates, tourmalines, beryls etc.

For more information contact Don Latham at

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