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Paul Krohn's Virtual Tour

June 21, 2020


Buffalo Geological Society Member Paul Krohn has invited us to host his “Virtual Tour” articles, originally written for his personal Facebook page. Paul is from North Tonawanda, New York and uses Facebook to share his photos and insight from local places of geologic interest.

This cave I discovered by accident in Lockport one day before work a couple of weeks ago. It’s in an isolated location and judging from where I found it I doubt very many people even know of its existence.


The flower photos are also in an isolated location near a fossil collecting locality of mine in Livingston County. It is a secreted little glade of wild Virginia Blue Bells and I go to see them every year in mid- May when they bloom. I love it there- it is a peaceful, serene, ethereal place that I can go to to restore my soul.

Niagara Gorge- shots taken from middle gorge trail just south of where the gorge opens up at the Niagara escarpment in Lewiston.

Archived Virtual Tour articles will be posted every Sunday and Wednesday until we catch up to the most recent date.

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