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Paul Krohn's Virtual Tour

June 23, 2020


Buffalo Geological Society Member Paul Krohn has invited us to host his “Virtual Tour” articles, originally written for his personal Facebook page. Paul is from North Tonawanda, New York and uses Facebook to share his photos and insight from local places of geologic interest.

A month or so back there was a substantial rock fall at the Niagara Gorge in Lewiston on the middle gorge trail just north of the Lewiston Queenston bridge. An enormous amount of rock came down from the cliff face and covered the gorge trail prompting park officials to temporarily close off the trail. They have since reopened the trail- they did a very good job of restoring it and making it passable between several of the large boulders that came down in the rock fall. Took [the photo above] 1 week ago.

These are all shots from after the rock fall had just occurred.

Niagara Gorge- shots taken from middle gorge trail just south of where the gorge opens up at the Niagara escarpment in Lewiston.

Archived Virtual Tour articles will be posted every Sunday and Wednesday until we catch up to the most recent date.

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