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Paul Krohn's Virtual Tour

June 28, 2020


Buffalo Geological Society Member Paul Krohn has invited us to host his “Virtual Tour” articles, originally written for his personal Facebook page. Paul is from North Tonawanda, New York and uses Facebook to share his photos and insight from local places of geologic interest.

Along Lake Erie shore in Silver Creek NY this morning. Since the level of the lake has risen by about 3 feet or so the nice beach that used to be here is partially submerged and unfortunately the sandy area has been shored up with large stone rip-rap. Also there is a particularly interesting albeit very tragic historical marker sign telling of a horrible incident that I was previously unaware of.

These shots are cliffs of shale along Walnut Creek in Silver Creek NY also taken this morning. Pretty place, but unfortunately a non-fossil bearing site although apparently some specimens had been collected here in the past by other collectors. Site must be very slow to produce the rare fossils that are said to occur here.

Archived Virtual Tour articles will be posted every Sunday and Wednesday until we catch up to the most recent date.

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